Who founded the United States?

By José M. López Sierra

The people who founded the United States of America were descendants of tribes that emigrated from Northern Germany.  Two of these tribes were the Angles and the Saxons.  Anglo-Saxon refers to these immigrant tribes to Britain.  They loved war.  We must also remember what Nazi Germany tried to accomplish with its theory of the Germans being the master race.  Click here for more information:

This history helps us understand why the United States (US) government has been involved in so many wars around the world.  It also explains why the US government has so many military bases all over the world.  It also explains why the world views the US government as the biggest threat to world peace.  And, it also explains why the US government has ignored 35 United Nations resolutions asking it to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico.

It is now understandable how Donald Trump got elected President of the United States.  Another Anglo-Saxon who has supported Donald Trump from the very beginning is the senator from Alabama Jeff Sessions.  Click here to watch a video of his endorsement of Donald:

If you believe that the Anglo-Saxon mentality has disappeared through the years, click on the following link to watch a video about what the racist Jeff Sessions said about the Ku Klux Klan:

Half of the Puerto Ricans want Puerto Rico to become a state of the United States of America.  This is, because they do not know this history.

Puerto Ricans are not descendants of the Anglo-Saxons that founded the US.  Therefore, the US government views Puerto Ricans as an inferior race.  And that is the real reason why Puerto Rico has been a colony of the US government for nearly 120 years.

The sooner Puerto Ricans discover this history that is not taught in the US or Puerto Rico, the sooner we can begin to organize to become a tsunami of people to peacefully protest for the US government’s compliance to the international law prohibiting colonialism.  This we must do, because those who have war in their DNA don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!


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