Colonial Board Rejects PR Governor’s Fiscal Proposal

By José M. López Sierra

The Puerto Rico governor recently submitted his fiscal planto the Colonial Board.  The Board said that it is unacceptable.  The Governor said that he is not changing it.

What more is needed for the Puerto Ricans who say that we live in a democracy, and that we treasure our United States (US) citizenship to recognize that the US government has brainwashed themduring the almost 120 years that we have been its colony.

The US government has had to invert what is normal to abnormal to enable it to maintain us as its colony for over a century. That is why in Puerto Rico, everything is the opposite of what it should be.  We call our colony the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  We say we treasure our US citizenship that was imposed on us, despite our rejection of it in 1917.  We say that the US government defends democracy, when that same government denies it to us.

junta-de-control-fiscalIt will be impossible to decolonize ourselves without first decolonizing our minds.  Obviously, that will be very difficult to do, since unconsciously we consider normal what we have been living since the military invasion of 1898.  Everything that we have lived since then has brought us to where we are today.  Decolonizing our minds will require that we consciously reject everything that the US government has imposed on us.  That way, we will be gradually lessening the control it has over us.

We should not celebrate US holidays.  We should not buy in US stores.  We should not vote in our colonial or imperial elections.  And we should not cooperate with the US Colonial Fiscal Board.

We should instead organize ourselves to act in solidarity as a nation to peacefully push like a tsunami the US government to comply with the 35 United Nations resolutions asking it to immediately decolonize Puerto Rico.

This we must do, because those who impose a colonial fiscal board over the colonial government of Puerto Rico don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!

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