N Korea Displays Newest Missiles Leaving Spectators ‘Astonished’ (VIDEO)

Foreign observers were “astonished” by the newest weapons systems displayed at a large-scale military parade held on April 15, the day marking the birth of North Korea’s founding father Kim Il-sung, Russian analyst Vladimir Khrustalev, an expert with the Lifeboat Foundation, told Sputnik.

“Two types of ballistic missiles have clearly made a splash. The first appeared to be a type of transporter-launcher container fitted onto a semi-trailer truck, resembling early modifications of the DF-21 medium-range ballistic missile and the DF-31 long-range intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), produced in China. The second one is a transporter-launcher container mounted onto a powerful multi-wheel off-road vehicle. It appeared to be the same model that used to carry the KN-08 and KN14 missiles,” the expert said.

Khrustalev mentioned a ballistic missile resembling a modernized SCUD as another eye-catching new weapons system showcased at the parade.

“The tip of the missile has been outfitted with airfoils. It remains unclear whether they are guided or not. If yes, then the warhead is capable of adjusting the descent trajectory while in flight during the terminal phase. In any case they are clearly working on improving accuracy and boosting the ability to bypass air defense systems,” he said.

Khrustalev further mentioned a mobile coastal version of a launcher for new anti-ship missiles. In his view, this system will engender North Korea’s coastal defenses “truly fit for action.”

The analyst pointed out that the launcher was placed on a full-tracked chassis, a popular solution since North Korea is capable of producing various caterpillar vehicles on its own.  Pyongyang’s dependence on import in this case is “minimal,” he added.

A missile resembling the KN-08 is another previously unseen weapons system, which was on display during the latest military parade in Pyongyang.

“All of this indicates that North Korea is currently carrying out several projects aimed at creating missiles capable of reaching Guam, Hawaii and the United States mainland,” Khrustalev concluded, saying that all of these initiatives have a good chance of success.




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