Who is the hooded champion?

The administrators of the colony of Puerto Rico want to criminalize the use of hoods in the commission of crimes.  They are referring to acts like the breaking of the Popular Bank’s glass.  Who are the real criminals? And, who is the hooded champion?  Let’s look at history.

The United States (US) government invaded us militarily.  We have been its colony ever since. The invasion was a violent act.  Why don’t these administration ever talk about that?

Did you know that colonialism is a crime against humanity?  The United Nations (UN) determined that in 1960.  The UN has thus far issued 35 resolutions asking the US government to immediately give Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans. The US governments has ignored these resolutions. Why don’t these administrators talk about that?

What don’t Puerto Ricans talk about that either?  Because the US government has hooded our history for the past 120 years. The real Puerto Rican history isn’t taught to us. This example illustrates that.

Oscar López Rivera will be honored in the New York City’s Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday, June 11, 2018.  The organizers of the parade also want to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Puerto Rican citizenship. Only someone ignorant of his own history would do that!

The reality is that Puerto Ricans have had US citizenship for the past 100 years. Did you know that that foreign citizenship was rejected by the Puerto Ricans in 1917? The majority of the Boricuas in Borikén and in exile don’t know that because it has been hooded.

We decided to broadcast the Puerto Rico decolonization hearing at the UN last year to unhood the empire.  We will do it again on Monday, June 19, 2017.  Click on this link to watch the 2016 hearing:

Who do these administrators represent, the one who broke the glass, or the one who stole Puerto Rico’s sovereignty for over a century?

We need to create a tsunami of people to force the US government to comply with the UN resolutions, because those who hood themselves to commit crimes against humanity don’t believe in JUSTICE FOR ALL!



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