Why is PR a colony?

Puerto Rico is located in a privileged location that any nation would love to have. She has an ideal climate, plenty of sun and water. It is truly the enchanted island! That’s why many nations have wanted to own her.

The United States (US) took Puerto Rico away from Spain in 1898. In order to keep Puerto Rico as its colony, the US made sure that the Dred Scott vs Sanford slave law was inserted in the Treaty of Paris. It says that a slave has no right that a slave master has to respect. And that is why Puerto Rico is still today a US colony.

The US media does not want to report the fact that US government is committing a crime against humanity by keeping Puerto Rico as its colony. However, it publishes lies against the sovereign government of Venezuela. The US has thus far ignored 36 United Nations (UN) resolutions asking it to give Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans. Why doesn’t it comply?

The US was built on taking away other nation’s resources. What did she do to the Natives Americans, even after they helped the pilgrims survive their first harsh winter? What did she do to Africans and Mexicans? This is how she has become the most powerful nation in the worldin such a short time.

The US government wants to make us believe that it supports Puerto Rico. The fact is that the US has exploited Puerto Rico that it will never decolonize PR by choice. The US wants to make Puerto Rico believe that it has a debt crisis. Puerto Rico has had a colonial crisis caused unilaterally by the US governmentfor the last 120 years.

Pedro Albizu Campos said the US was interested in the cage (Puerto Rico) and not the birds (Puerto Ricans). Puerto Ricans are leaving their island in large numbers right now due to the economic crisis created by the US government. If we all leave our island, the US would have what Albizu warned us about.

Join our massive protest on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at the UN’s General Assembly in New York City to demand that the US government comply with the 36 resolutions.  We need a tsunami of people, because those who have robbed other nation’sresources don’t believe in LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!




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