UN is impeding PR decolonization

Here is an interesting news report from the United Nations (UN). Former Secretary General Ban Ki-moon askedmembers of the Decolonization Committee in 2013 to generate new ideas to decolonize the remaining 18colonies. Do you know that the UN is in its 3rd decade trying toeradicate colonialism?The following link has the details about these colonies. You will note that Puerto Rico is not on this list. The United States government deceptively took Puerto Rico off this list: Click here to read that news:

We suggested that the UN broadcast live on radio and television its 2015 hearing on Puerto Rico decolonization. We believe that it is a big mistake for the UNnot to have been broadcasting these annual hearings since 1960, when the UN itself declared colonialisma crime against humanity. Unbelievably, the UN refused our proposal.

United Comrades for Puerto Rico Decolonization and New York’s NakedInformationdid not take its no for an answer in 2016. We broadcasted the hearing live on radio and television ourselves. Click on the following link to watch it:

The UN prohibited our access to this hearing the following year. Our question is, who benefit by keeping this hearing in the closet?

Puerto Rico has been a UScolony for the past 120 years. The US government has ignored 36 UN resolutions asking it to immediately give Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans. Puerto Rico colonialism has resulted in having more Puerto Ricans living out of Puerto Rico today than in our national territory. Therefore, keeping these UN annual hearings on Puerto Rico decolonization in the closet only helps the US government continue perpetrating its crime, and thus,to continue to be a threat to world peace. And if the UN is going to allow that, then, what is its purpose of existing?

Join us in our permanent protests for Puerto Rico decolonization via our Oscar – Mandela Committee Facebook:

We will need a tsunami of people to decolonize Borikén, because those who militarily invaded us to make us their colony don’t believe in LIBERTY OR JUSTICE FOR ALL!




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