Former US presidents lie to cover up crime

By José M. López Sierra – New York City

Click on the following link to watch a video of former United States presidents trying to appear to be compassionate:

None of the presidents said that the United States government has illegally maintained Puerto Rico as its colony for the past 120 years.

None said thatthe United Nations (UN) declared colonialism a crime against humanity in 1960. And that, the United States government has ignored 36 UN resolutions asking it to give Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans. Why doesn’t the US media report this?

Do you know that, per capita, Puerto Ricans are the United States government’s number one client due to our colonial relationship?Do you know that the US government has only sent 3 out of more than 100 big generators needed to restore running water to the entire island? Do you know that 70% of the people still have no running water?

Do you know that still 95% of the Puerto Ricans have no electricity?

Do you know that the whole world has been willing to send aid to Puerto Rico, but the US government does not want to allow it?What does it do?

The US government puts on a show with all of the presidents to hide the fact that the US is a terrorist state. 

Contrast this with how Puerto Rican soldiers saved American soldiers in the Korean War when they were trapped by the enemy:

Join us in our permanent protests to force the US government to comply with the 36 resolutions, because US presidents who lie to cover up their crime don’t believe in LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!





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