Why US forcedits citizenship on Boricuas?

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico

Many people don’t know that the Boricua Assembly refused the United States (US) government’s offerof US citizenship for Puerto Ricansin 1917. The US’ response was to impose it on us via the Jones’ Act.

The United States’ plan has always been to exploit Puerto Rico forever.  That is why it needed a way to prevent Boricuas from resisting its colonial rule over them. The US government’s objective was to shift Puerto Ricans’ loyalty to the United States of America. And this is why Boricuas are divided.

The US government has exploited Borikén for the past 120 years. The most astounding evidence is that more Puerto Ricans live off our national territory. Pedro Albizu Campos saw that coming when he warned us that the US wanted the cage, and not the birds. If anybody doubts that, please click on the following link to hear Dr. Nelson Rochet Santoro’s explanation:

Fufi Santori Coll realized why the US government force us its citizenship in 1993. He became convinced that Puerto Ricans could never be free as long as we had a foreign citizenship. Click on this link to hear Fufi explain it:

Fufi led 1,500 Boricuas to renounce theirUS citizenship. That caused panic to the US government. Washington DC ordered its embassy in the Dominican Republic to not accept the renouncements of 14 Boricuas. Why?

The US government realized the problem that it would have if Puerto Ricans massively renounce their US citizenship. Are you aware that Puerto Rico belongs to, but is not a part of the United States?If we were to renounce our US citizenship the only place for us to go is back to Boriken. That would create a crisis for the US government without using violence. What would the US government do?

Do you know that the US violates the United Nations (UN) Charter by having Puerto Rico as its colony since 1898?Do you know that the US has ignored 36 resolutions asking it to immediately give Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans? So if we were to massively renounce our US citizenship that might be what could force the US government to comply with international law.

We invite all Boricuas who want to decolonize Borikén to renounce US citizenship on Fufi Santori’s birthday, Monday, May 7. We will need a tsunami of renouncements to achieve it, because those who forced their citizenship on us to maintain us under their colonial rule don’t believe in LIBERTY AND IN JUSTICE FOR ALL!



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