Greek workers on the streets: Action and strike on January 12th against the new antipeople measures

The All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) calls workers, youth, pensioners, the unemployed, farmers, the self-employed, all the people to massive, militant action. The government brings a new series of anti-workers measures. They must receive a dynamic response.

The SYRIZA-ANEL Government are imposing the demands of big capital, bringing a new round of measures of “fiscal adjustment” and of suppression of workers’-people’s struggles, with number one goal to ban our right to strike, and also to expand auctioning off of workers houses, so as to protect the profitability of business groups.

Tomorrow we walk the streets of struggle. We take part in the militant initiatives of the Trade Unions, Federations, Regional Trade Union Centers and other associations of the movement, till the day they bring the new measures to be voted in the parliament.
PAME also calls the trade unions to support the call of the National Workers’ Federations and Regional Trade Union Centers for National General Strike and to increase participation decisions for Friday, January 12th, the day when the new measures will be brought in the Parliament.

Program of Actions

Tuesday 9/1
In the afternoon PAME will organize rallies in Athens and other cities.

All day to be day of mass campaign to inform the workers in the factories, the industries, the offices, every workplace.

Wednesday 10/1
Continue the mass campaign to inform the workers and hold meetings and general assemblies in the work places.

In the afternoon massive protest demonstration at the Courts, which forward the auctions of people’s homes.

Thursday, 11/1
Day of preparation for the Strike. We use every way for the call of the strike to reach every worker, in every workplace.

We call all workers to take part in the Strike decided by the workers’ National Federations, Regional Trade Union Centers and Trade Unions. 12:00 noon at Omonoia Square in Athens and at the Venizelos’ statue in Thessaloniki.
Saturday and Sunday 13-14/1
The Unions to organize massive campaign of information of the workers in the neighborhoods and the workplace
Monday 15/1
On Monday 15/1 day that the measures will be voted in the Parliament, PAME calls workers, unemployed, retired, youth in a big rally demonstration in Athens at 6:00 pm.
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