WATCH NATO Allegedly Try to Move Troops, Armor Through Czech Republic, Slovakia

Sputnik has obtained amateur footage of the suspected movement of US military convoys along Czech and Slovak roads, with the quiet transfers receiving no coverage from local or foreign media.

The videos, one made in the Slovakian capital of Bratislava on October 6, and the other in Stara Boleslav, a small town in the Czech Republic 25 km northeast of Prague on October 7, show police blocking highway traffic to allow for the passage of columns of what appears to be US military equipment, including Humvees and armored personnel carriers.


Unlike the well-known columns of NATO forces which pass through the two countries for exercises in neighboring countries from time to time, last week’s transfers did not see any coverage whatsoever from the media.

«The host reported a traffic jam on the highway, but didn’t say that the reason was the movement of foreign troops. Instead, he said it was related to road work! They are already lying to us, even in the news about traffic jams!» the driver complained.

Speaking to Sputnik Czech Republic, military analyst Ivan Kratochvil said that the unreported movement of NATO troops has ominous implications.

«From the look of things, a ‘military Schengen zone’ has been created in Eastern Europe, in line with the idea proposed by former commander of US ground forces in Europe Ben Hodges,» the observer suggested. Earlier, Lieut. Gen. Hodges said that NATO allies should be able to move quickly across the continent without receiving permission from allied countries.

«The game of democracy has ended,» Kratochvil warned. «The movement of foreign troops no longer needs approval from parliament. The fact that the presence of any foreign troops on our territory is perceived negatively thanks to centuries of historical experience is something authorities don’t seem to care about. So as the US rolls across our territory, the Czech media total ignore this. Their movement causes traffic jams, because the military police, Czech and Slovak alike, follow them like a motorcade so that nobody passes them or takes pictures, because they are not here officially. And if you report on such a traffic jam to a radio station, you will simply be told that road works are underway on the highway.»

«It’s a rare sight to see such road repair workers wearing military uniforms, but you can find them in the Czech Republic and Slovakia,» Kratochvil sarcastically concluded.


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