How much does the UN generate?

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico

There is no doubt that the United Nations’ (UN) activities conducted in New York City (NYC) generate a gold mine of money for the United States Government (USG). Must the UN operate out of NYC?

Are you aware that the world considers, by a huge margin, that the USG is the biggest threat to world peace? Click on the following link for the details:

Are you aware that the United States (US) is the leading manufacturer of weapons of war?

Knowing this, does it make sense that an organization dedicated to promoting world peace be located in the country who is the biggest threat to world peace?

Moreover, are you aware that the USG has Puerto Rico as its colony for the past 120 years? The USG is presently violating the UN’s Charter that prohibits colonialism. The USG also has ignored, thus far, 37 UN resolutions asking it to immediately return Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Rico. This is the same government that went to war with Iraq, because it was convinced that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. And all of that before President Trump!

I propose that the UN be relocated in a country that does not manufacture weapons of war, and that the majority of the international community believes is an honest promoter of world peace.

I recommend that everyone should read US General Butler’s book, War is a Racket. You will learn the reasons for the USG to go to war from the highest ranking and most decorated Marine Corp general.


Let’s create a real organization that promotes world peace, because those who make huge profits out of wars, don’t believe in LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Put it in a better place.

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