Puerto Rico doesn’thave a government!

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico

That is the problem!

What happened in 1952 with the establishment of the so called, “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico”, was a scam. What led to that?

Pedro Albizu Campos and the Puerto Rican Nationalist’s Party staged an insurrection on October 30, 1950. Although it did not achieve Puerto Rico’s independence, it did put the world on notice that Puerto Rico is a colony of the United States (US).

Albizu was aware that the newly founded United Nations (UN) in 1945 prohibited colonialism in its Charter. He hoped that his insurrection would put the necessary international pressureon the United States Government (USG) to decolonize Puerto Rico.

After tryingunsuccessfully to buy off Albizu, the USG approached Luis Muñoz Marín. Luis accepted the USG’s scam whereby the “Commonwealth of Puerto Rico” would be created to hide its colony. Click the following link to watch Luis explain how that would benefit Puerto Ricans:

In 1953, the USG, with Luis’ help, managed to take Puerto Rico off the UN’s list of colonies. Still today, the oldest and the most populated colony in the world is off the UN’s list of colonies!

The USG calls Ricardo Roselló the governor of Puerto Rico. Why? The USG does, because that is what it told the UN to get her off its list. The USG argued that, by virtue of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, she had obtained “self-government.”

If that were true, then why are more Puerto Ricans living off than on their national territory? The reason is, because the “so-called governor of Puerto Rico” is in reality the USG’s administrator of its colony.

I am happy that more Puerto Ricans are showing their indignation over government corruption in Puerto Rico. But making Ricardo resign isn’t going to fix that. What would?

9 million Boricuas worldwide engaged in permanent resistance to force the USG to comply with the UN’s Charter, and its 38 resolutions asking it to immediately return Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans would.

If Boricuas really want a government of Boricuas, by Boricuas and for Boricuas, we will have to get the USG out of Boriken.

And that will be totally on us, because those who created a scam to exploit us forever don’t believe in LIBERTY AND IN JUSTICE FOR ALL!

We have to get the Yankee out of Boriken.

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