Solve the real Boricua problem

10-15-2009 - San Juan, Puerto Rico. Dia del Paro Nacional en protesta por los miles de empleaodos publicos despedidos por la actual administracion. En la foto la avenida Rosevelt. (Primera Hora / Juan Luis Martinez)

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico

Everybody knows about the Boston Tea Party, because it is proudly taught in the United States. Conversely, nobody knows about the American Revolution in Puerto Rico, because that is concealed.

The Boston Tea Party was about, “No taxation without representation.” The American colonists felt that it was unfair that they should pay taxes to England if they had no representation in the English Parliament.So they staged a revolution over thatin 1776! That was the beginning of the United States of America.But, ironically, the United States Government (USG) did the same thing it didn’t like to Puerto Ricans 122 years later!

The purpose of themilitary occupationwas to install the American Revolution in Puerto Rico to force the Puerto Ricans to pay taxes without representationin 1898. And right now, that is the genesis of the turmoil in Puerto Rico!

What people don’t know is that Puerto Ricans had acquired real self-government a year before the USG invaded Puerto Rico on July, 25, 1898. That was achieved through the Autonomic Charter of 1897 with Spain. Puerto Ricans were happy that finally Puerto Rico was a province of Spain after being her colony for over 400 years! A tree was planted in San German, Puerto Ricoto commemorate it.

The USG’s purpose of the invasion was precisely to make Puerto Rico its colony forever. That is why the USG made sure to implant in the Treaty of Paris of 1898 the iconic United States Supreme Court decision in the slave case, Dred Scott vs Sanford, that the rights of the Puerto Ricans would be determined by the USG. 121 years later, Puerto Ricans continue to be slaves of the USG.

Therefore, getting rid of Ricky will not solve that. Instead of theshutdown to be to do that, it should be to force the USG to comply with the United Nations’ (UN) Charter of 1945 that prohibits colonialism, and its 38 resolutions asking it to immediately return Puerto Rico’s sovereignty to the Puerto Ricans.

Let’s pushfor that, because if “no taxation without representation” was enough for American colonists to revolt,why not for us?

Let’s solve the problem for real.

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