Will this crisisbring solidarity among nations?

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico

Some experts believe that United States citizens would be the hardest hitbefore the Coronavirus reaches its peak.The cure, however, is literally, under Trump’s nose. Click on the following link to watch a video that proves that Trump is clueless:

Trump lied when he said in the video that the world is looking at the United States (US) for answers. The world, on the contrary, is ignoring the US! The cure that China is using was developed in Cuba. The world is nowdesperatelyasking for help from Cuba, China and Venezuela. These are the countries that the USG has labeled for a long time as “the bad guys”.

So much so, that the USG has had a blockade on Cuba for over 60 years, while most nations of theworld have consistently askedthe USGto eliminate its blockade. Are you aware that the USG’s blockade is a violation to international law! The USG has steadfastly refused to comply with international law for over half a century!

Notwithstanding the blockade, Cuba has managed to develop an excellent health care system that is the envy of the world! So while the USG is now frantically looking for a cure for the Coronavirus, its cure is literally right under Trump’s nose.

What will the USG do? Will it let its own citizens die, because the USG insists on finding its own cure? Or, will the USG admit to being the real bad guy?

Perhaps something good will come out of the Coronavirus crisis. Maybe the crisis will bring more solidarity among the nations of the world? If it does, that would be a great consolation!


The cure is literally under Trump’s nose.

bloqueo a Cuba

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