Did Trump commit a crime?

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico

That is not a political debate!

If President Trump did committhe crime of seditious conspiracy to overthrow by force the legitimately constituted government of the United States (US), then he should be immediately arrested and tried for that. He should, because supposedly in the US, no one, including the President, is above the law.

After being impeached for the second time, Trump said, in a carefully scripted speech that obviously does not reflect his sentiments, that the US is governed by the rule of law. Click on the following link to hear Trump’s unbelievable speech:

The US Congress, supposedlyof a democratic republic, is occupied with having a political debate over a simple law enforcement matterduring the last remaining days of the Trump presidency. Arresting and prosecuting Trump is the obvious action to take to the clear and present danger that he represents to the nation.

Only 5% of theRepublican Representatives voted to impeach Trump for committing the crime. Had the president been a democrat, only 5% of the House Democrats would have also voted for impeachment. Members of the US Congress are more interested in protecting their own political party’s interests, than our interests. 

President Biden will not represent ourinterests. He will continue to govern the US for only the 1% of citizens. We are the ones who could force the US government to representall of us. But to do so, we must be willing to engage in permanent resistance today, tomorrow and forever!

A Biden presidency would also be “business as usual”.

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