How human life became dispensable?

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico

The European Colonial Project (ECP) has made human life dispensable for the past 500 years. The ECP converted human lifeinto a commodity for the purpose ofgenerating wealth for the privileged 1% of the people. People, therefore, live to work, instead of the other way around. Click on the following link to understand how wegot to this point: 

The fact that the United States is the epicenter of the coronavirus is the best example of the ECP, and its modernity/coloniality narrative that human life is dispensable.

How could people help put back the horse before the carriage? We must begin with decolonizing the knowledge, as we know it. Not only “Black Lives Matter,” but all lives matter!

An epistemological revolution could make people indispensable again.

Put the horse before the carriage again.

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