Nothing positive in the “white race”

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico

Theodore W. Allen said that, “there is nothing positive about the “white race”. The “white race” was invented by the Anglo-American bourgeoisie in the early 18th century to racially oppress groups it deems inferior. Thus, the “white race” is absolutely political, and has no anthropological basis.

We must, therefore, challenge white supremacy in order to obtain radical social change. Click on the following link to watch an interesting video that details this:

European-Americans should resign from the “white race” and join the human race, because they are also being oppressed by it. Our motto should be, “Labor solidarity forever means white privilege never”.

Allen believed that an anti-white supremacist proletarian hegemony is necessary to establish real justice for all in the United States (US).

The “white race” is a US bourgeoisie created structure for social control. What does that have to do with democracy?

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