Could US police be reformed?

By José M. López Sierra – Puerto Rico

After the death of George Floyd, many United States (US) citizens are calling for defunding or reforming their police departments. Click on the following link to watch a short video on this:

Will this be possible?No, because the problem is bigger than that. We must challenge the US government’s invention of the “white race”. Click here for more:

The bourgeoisie ruling class, at the beginning of the 18th century, invented the “white race” to oppress the races it deemed inferior. The idea was to get the cheapest labor possible.

Therefore, the police departments have oppressed the so-called,“inferior races” since the birth of the US in 1776. Why should the 99% of US citizens allow that! The only way to try to improve US racism is by challenging the very invention of the “white race”.

A great start would be for European Americans to resign from the “white race”. Once we get as many people as possible to do that, and to join the human race instead, we could engage in permanent resistance to either force white supremacists in government leadership positions to resign from the “white race” or resign from their posts.

And if they refuse, we can put US democracy to a real test!

We are talking moreabout a revolution.

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