Washington Post faces potential conflict over Bezos-CIA deal (VIDEO)


Amazon founder Jeff Bezos purchased The Washington Post in October, promising that “the values of The Post do not need changing. The duty of the paper is to the readers, not the owners.” But now the newspaper is dealing with conflict-of-interest questions, as Bezos recently signed a $600 million contract with the CIA to provide cloud-computing infrastructure, far more than the $250 million he paid for the paper. John Hanrahan, a former Washington Post reporter, said, “This sends a clear messag to event the hardest-nosed journalist that making the CIA look bad might not be a good career move.” These questions of integrity come as American’s confidence in newspapers reaches near-historic lows. RT’s Sam Sacks discusses future of journalism and Post reporters’ potential conflicts with Jeff Cohen, a journalism professor at Ithaca College.


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